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Doctor equipment funding

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Doctor medical equipment funding                          Doctor medical equipment funding

HealthCare Practice Loan Program:

Terms Up To 8 Years

FICO Credit As Low As 660! (Exceptions Considered)

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Tax Liens Below $175,000 OK!

Bankruptcy OK - Dismissed or Discharged 3 Years!

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Doctor medical equipment funding                          Doctor medical equipment funding

HealthCare Bank Statement Program:

Terms Up To 6 Months!

500 FICO Credit Score!

No Minimum Personal Annual Income!

Certain Liens OK!

Bankruptcy OK - Dismissed or Discharged!

No Medical License Required!

$10,000 Minimum Funding With 6 Months In Business!

One Page Application Plus 3 Months Bank Statements!

No Collateral Required!

Fast Funding!

HealthCare Practice Working Capital Funding!

Business Practice Working Capital Funds for Medical Doctors

Healthcare Practice Medical Loan

In order to grow a Healthcare Practice the Doctor needs to consider the time value of money. So if the Doctor can receive funds they need to consider how much additional revenue those funds will bring in. If the revenue less the cost of the funds are positive than the Doctor should proceed with the financing. The concept of time value of money comes into play that the Doctor does not have to wait for the funds to come in with their current sales but instead they come in by receiving funds sooner than they would have had the money to get the project going.

So even though this may cost more in the long run the Doctor will get the benefit of creating revenue sooner and it will have a lasting effect on revenue. The cost of the funds will end and then the complete profit is the Doctors.

Doctor Medical Practice Financing

Healthcare Practice Working Capital

A good example of this is when a General Dentist hires additional Dentist to work into the practice but the General Dentist does not have the cash to support the additional salaries or needs to finish an operatory that is not fully functional to use. The Doctor will receive practice working capital funds to pay for those additional Dentist salaries and or complete the operatory room or rooms to increase their revenue.

In order to not have competition and hire a Dentist that is in the same field like a General Dentist hiring another General Dentist; the General Dentist should consider hiring an Orthodontist , Pediatric Dentist / Pedodontists, Endodontist, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Periodontist, Prosthodontist and or Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist. It is great to be able to have an office which offers many different services to their patients.

There are several ways you can set this up. First by paying the specialist a 20 -30% of the patient’s revenue or the other way is to just charge the Dentist for the office space and chair space. Say the Specialist needs a chair and office space one to two days a week you charge them by the day or hour to use your space. This is a good way to bring in additional revenue. It is also fast and easy to get working capital to do it.

This concept applies to any Physician who has extra exam rooms finished or unfinished. Say you are a Primary Physician and you have extra exam rooms you can receive practice working capital funding to finish exam rooms or convert a room into an exam room and then rent out the room to say an Allergist, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Neurologist, Oncologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Pediatrician, Physiologist, ENT Specialist, Podiatrist, Plastic Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Radiologist, Rheumatologist, Surgeon and or Urologist.

Another way to use practice working capital

... is to payoff tax liens. The Doctor tries to negotiate the taxes and penalties to be taken off then receives the practice working capital financing. This will remove the tax lien once the payment is made to pay off the tax lien. This will improve the Doctors personal credit score. It is important as a business owner to have a good credit score. The same thing can be done for judgements.

Dental practice working capital financing

was unheard of a few years past, but with the rising demand for speedy practice working capital funding among young professionals who want to make a huge leap in their careers, lenders have leveled up their service by offering necessary cash to expand dental practice, including acquiring commercial real estate and state-of-the-art facilities. However, interest rates differ, as well as the terms and conditions, from one lender to another. That is why, before you decide to sign up for a practice working capital loan, be sure to choose one that offers reasonable interest rates.

There are certain considerations that you need to address when looking for a practice working capital funding firm that offers dental practice working capital financing including the size of dental office that you want, the location, and the number of workers that you need to hire, among others. After choosing the right location, you need to make an estimate of the total cost of the project. For example, a huge practice could translate to a bigger gross income, but the overhead costs could also be substantial. Plan ahead and consider all the important aspects of the work.

Healthcare medical practice working capital financing

... is ideal for healthcare professionals who want to expand their practice, procure new equipment, or improve their practice. Healthcare practice working capital loans is offered by and comes with fast working capital funding and easy terms.

Doctor / Physician Healthcare practice looking to buy a medical building for an existing practice may need working capital funding to use for the down payment of the building. Usually the monthly payment of a mortgage can be the same payment the Doctor / Physician Healthcare practice is paying for the leased office space. So if the Doctor / Physician Healthcare practice, does not have cash available to buy the medical building they can just get a practice working capital funding to get the funding required to acquire a building for their existing Physician Healthcare practice. Practice Bank statements and a one page application is all that is needed to apply to see if the Doctor Physician Healthcare practice qualifies for working capital funding. This can fulfill the dreams of the Doctor to now have an investment property which the Doctor now owns.

When a Doctor / Physician Healthcare practice is looking to buy equipment this Doctor may not have the deposit funds needed to put down for the equipment lease purchase. Working Capital Financing is a good way to get the Doctor/ Physician the upfront business working capital funds needed to buy the equipment. Usually having certain equipment is a good way to attract patients away from competing Doctors.

Say the Doctor/ Physician Healthcare practice is looking to own an asset, like a piece of equipment, quickly but does not have the working capital funds. Getting this Doctor into a practice working capital financing will enable the Doctor to buy the equipment and pay off the practice working capital financing in 6 months. At that time the equipment is owned free and clear and no loans or leases are on the books only the asset of the equipment. When you calculate the cost of financing the equipment this way it cost the same as getting a long term loan but this is paid off quickly and the Doctor now has an asset which the Doctor can always sell for cash.

Whatever the Doctor / Physician Healthcare practice may need to purchase, even if it is for personal items- like a home, a practice working capital financing based on the Doctor’s existing practice is a good way to provide the funds needed to make that purchase.

Purchasing a good software system will also same the Doctor /Physician because it should free up time of an employee’s time. Working capital Financing will pay for this asset which is another good way to improve the practice and how it runs.

Consolidating debt is another way to get all the Doctor’s / Physician’s debt organized so the Doctor spends less time fumbling with the various payments for all the different payments needed to be made.

Hiring a marketing company to increase revenue is another good way to use a practice working capital advance. The down payment required for this marketing company is where the practice working capital advance can be used.
Also peace of mind to be able to pay bills timely is another reason to receive a working capital financing.

If a Doctor / Physician Healthcare practice has impaired personal credit score, than it is a good idea to work on trying to clean up the doctor's report. Any practice business owner needs for their score to be good. It is easier to receive practice working capital financing when a personal FICO score is above a 660. One way to increase a Doctor’s / Physician’s personal score is to make sure any existing credit balance is not more than 50% of the available credit limit. If the debt is more than 50% of the card limit than it is a good idea to transfer the debt to another card. This will spread the debt but keep the debt to income ratio lower. Another good thing to do is to open new cards up and not use the card. The more cards you have and have no balances than that is the higher your personal limit. You do have to use the card at least once a year so the business card does not close. Closing cards will lower your personal FICO score.

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